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In Loving Memory

Bernard Jones
(May 23, 1943 - January 20, 2011)

Bernard served on the Board for the past six years. His contributions were many and he will be dearly missed.


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President Hugh Parrish
Vice President Richard Shaffer
Treasurer Mary Ellen Kucera
Secretary Bernard Jones
  James Green
  Ken Johnson
  Paul Kaschube

Who was David Powell?

David Powell (1956-1989) was born in Norman, Oklahoma. From October 1988 to June 1989, David was the Program Manager of the Health Department's HIV Services. It was his vision to provide early medical services to people with HIV disease. David used to keep a couch in his office. Sometimes, he would get so wrapped up in his work that he spent the night at the health department. Staff would find him asleep on the couch early the next morning.

David developed a grant proposal with several community organizations that would pay for HIV medical visits and case management. The grant was approved after David's death and an HIV medical clinic opened in April 1990. David worked hard to make a better world. He is sorely missed. It is with great pride that this health center carries his name. He died in Austin on November 29, 1989 of AIDS-related causes. He was 33 years old.

The Friends of the David Powell Clinic [FODPC] is a registered Texas 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The FODPC started in response to the growing needs of the David Powell Community Health Center [DPCHC] and a desire from professionals within our community to respond with help to bridge patient needs and facilitate the growth of the clinic. It supports the DPCHC in providing primary medical care for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The FODPC works to continually assess the need for patient care programs, to seek solutions to patient problems, and develop new or modify existing patient care programs; and to foster cooperation among local, state and national agencies serving the community.

David Powell [1956 � 1989] was the HIV Services Program Manager for the Austin Travis County Health Department. As a part of his vision, he foresaw the need to provide early intervention and medical services to the HIV infected population. And, it was his work that produced a grant which secured funding for the DPCHC, which opened in April of 1990.

The Clinic was originally located on the west side of downtown Austin in the Clarksville area. Today, it is located at 4614 North Interstate Highway 35, and serves approximately 1,850 clients with a staff of 34 employees, six physicians and one nurse practitioner.

Also, it now has an onsite pharmacy which provides medications to the DPCHC patients. In conjunction, the FODPC provides medication co-payment assistance to DPCHC clients to bridge any medication needs. The DPCHC pharmacy is a registered AIDS Drug Assistance Program provider.

The FODPC meets monthly and has four separate committees: Fund Raising  �  Fund Distribution  �  Board and Committee Structures  � Image and Public Relations


� Is dedicated to increase community awareness and support for services provided by the DPCHC
� Is dedicated to enhancing the DPCHC ability to deliver consistent, high quality direct patient care and social services and to strengthen the DPCHC infrastructure
� Works to assess, on a continuing basis, the need for patient care programs, to seek solutions to patient problems, and to assist in the development of new or the expansion or modification of existing patient care programs
� Works toward developing as fully as possible both the financial and volunteer resources needed to meet the patient care needs of the DPCHC and to reduce the dependence of the DPCHC on governmental assistance
� Works to deploy its financial support so as to maximize the resources available to patients for services aimed at their most urgent needs